Geisha Japan Livestream Members Club

At the moment you can watch recorded online ozashiki free for a two-week trial period. So please take this opportunity to experience it.

Reaching out to geisha and maiko fans all across the world

Beginning in May 2021 we began offering live online interviews and ozashiki entertainment with Kyoto’s maiko and geisha (known locally as “geiko”).

Because of enthusiastic support from our followers, beginning in September we added English translation to all our online events.

This allowed fans from all over the world to enjoy real Kyoto ozashiki entertainment.

Continuing our efforts

Because the pandemic has hit the geisha community hard, we are eager to provide opportunities to support their work, and to give them the chance to deliver their cheer to you.

We therefore began by broadcasting six free online ozashiki entertainments, which fans subsidized through generous contributions in return for items directly from the geisha community.

We were thrilled at the enormously positive response.

The Kyoto geisha world is closed to most people, but we felt that by creating an Online Ozashiki Member’s Club we could continue bringing geisha entertainment right to you, as well as provide a video archive of all our ozashiki.

Twice Monthly Events

Our schedule includes two live ozashiki events each month, broadcast either between 21:00 and 22:00, or from 22:00 to 23:00, Japan Standard Time.

If the number of members continues to grow, we would like to increase our broadcasts to three or four times a month.

Of course any time members are unable to see the performance live, they can watch an archived video at their convenience, and as many times as they wish.

There are currently more than fifteen ozashiki archived on our member’s site.

Future delivery schedule (Japan time)

・2022年1月14日 21:00~22:00 (出演:芸妓・ふく兆さん、舞妓・ふく凪さん 2022 January 14, Fukunagi-san (maiko) and Fukuchō-san (geiko)

・2022年1月24日 21:00~22:00 (出演:舞妓・ふく侑さん、舞妓・小はつさん 2022 January 24, Fukuyū-san (maiko) and Kohatsu-san (geiko)

・2022年2月8日 20:00~21:00 (出演は舞妓・ふく苑さんと3月3日にお見世出し予定のふく松さん 2022 February 8, Fukusono-san (maiko) and Fukumatu-san (maiko)

・2022年2月21日 20:00~21:00 (出演は舞妓・小はつさんと小よりさんになります。 2022 February 21, kohatu-san (maiko) and Koyori-san (maiko)

・2022年3月11日 20:00~21:00 (出演は舞妓・ふく苑さんとふく侑さん 2022 March 14, Fukusono-san (maiko) and Fukuyū-san (maiko)

・2022年3月28日 21:00~22:30 (出演・祇園東舞妓・満彩野さん、芸妓・満彩希さん 2022 March 28, Masano-san (maiko) and Masaki-san (geiko)

・2022年4月14日 21:00~22:30 (出演・上七軒舞妓・ふみ苑さん、舞妓・さと葉さん 2022 April 14th, Fumisono-san (maiko) and Satoha-san (maiko)

・2022年4月28日 16:00~17:30 (出演・祇園東軒舞妓・満彩光さん、芸妓・満彩希さん the maiko Masateru-san and the geiko Masaki-san.)

・2022年5月11日  21:00~22:00 (出演:宮川町舞妓・ふく苑さん、ふく松さん the maiko Fukusono-san and the Fukumatu-san.)

・2022年5月23日  21:00~22:00 (出演:宮川町舞妓・ふく苑さん、ふく凪さん the maiko Fukusono-san and the Fukunagi-san.)

・2022年6月4日  16:00~17:00 (出演:祇園東・芸妓 満彩野さん Cast: Gion Higashi, Geiko, Masano-san.)

・2022年7月21日  21:00~22:00 (出演:宮川町・舞妓 小はつさん、舞妓 ふく松さん  Cast:Miyagawa-cho,Maiko,Kohatu-san,Maiko,Fukumatu-san.)

・2022年7月26日 21:00~22:00 (出演:宮川町・舞妓 小つるさん、芸妓 ふく珠さん  Cast:Miyagawa-cho,Maiko,Koturu-san,Geiko,Fukutama-san.)

・2022年8月22日 21:00~22:00 (出演:宮川町・舞妓 ふく凪さん、芸妓 ふく珠さん  Cast:Miyagawa-cho,Maiko,Fukunagi-san,Geiko,Fukutama-san.)

・2022年9月26日 22:00~23:00 (出演:祇園東・舞妓 満彩尚さん)

・2022年10月12日 21:00~22:00 (出演:宮川町・舞妓 ふく苑さん、舞妓 ふく凪さん)

・2022年11月16日 21:00~22:00 配信予定

※You can watch the past 25 livestream videos at any time from the member page.

※Special Calendar Offer


The next ten people who sign up for membership will receive a free Miyagawacho district 2022 calendar as a thank-you present.

These are all signed by maiko and geiko from the Shigemori ochaya and are sure to be a treasure!

We have only a limited number remaining, so act soon!

Meeting the Kyoto Geisha and Maiko

We have broadcast from the Shigemori ochaya in Miyagawacho, and have also been to Man ochaya in Gion Higashi and to Katsufumi ochaya in Kamishichiken.

We are eager to offer you as many opportunities as possible to be entertained by the geiko and maiko of Kyoto.

We at Maiko Club・GeishaJapan Live Ozashiki look forward to continuing to offer unique experiences that only our online members can have, as well as exciting gifts signed by the maiko and geiko themselves. We invite you to become a member using the PayPal link below!

• At the moment you can watch recorded online ozashiki free for a two-week trial period. So please take this opportunity to experience it.

The participation fee is 1,800 yen per month (which will be automatically charged every month 2 weeks after enrolling in this service.) If you wish to cancel the online ozashiki membership, you can do so any time through PayPal. If you withdraw within the 2 week period no fee will be charged, so please take this opportunity.


Q:How much does it cost?

A:The monthly membership fee is 1,800 JPY. After registration, the membership fee will be automatically charged each month through PayPal. You may cancel your membership at any time through your PayPal account.

Q:Is the online schedule always the same?

A:There are no set days for events, but we generally broadcast one ozashiki in the first two weeks of the month, and the second event in the last two weeks. Generally we schedule events between Mondays and Fridays, Japan Standard Time. We will do our best to give you a schedule well in advance.

Q:Which of the geisha districts will I get to see?

A:We began by working with Miyagawacho’s Shigemori ochaya, and we have a number of archived broadcasts from there. But we also have broadcast from Kamishichiken and Gion Higashi, and look forward to soon including Pontocho as well.

Q:Can I pay without using a credit card?

A:Members with a Japanese bank account may also send money (“furikomi”) through their bank. Please contact us for details. All membership from outside of Japan must use a PayPal-linked credit card.

Q:Can I withdraw my membership?

A:You may end your membership at any time by simply notifying PayPal that you are canceling membership.

Please note that depending on the timing of your membership, you may only see one live ozashiki in the month you join.

But you have access to all previous ozashiki through the video archive.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.



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